VidGrid: Watch multiple YouTube videos at once

VidGrid is a website that provides you with a free news channel index and a way to watch up to 9 YouTube video channels simultaneously on the same screen.

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You can use this tool to cover important events such as elections, major protests, international crises, etc. from major news providers and create the typical feel of a retirement room in your home. Multiple channels also help you get that variety of views from different news agencies, instead of staying on one side of the story.

VidGrip is especially handy when watching live streams and want to keep an eye on what is happening at all times. In addition to the ease of watching a great event, you can have multiple YouTube videos playing at the same time and focus on what interests you.

It could also be a great background for your own video (if you are good at video editing), which would make sense with the respective panels of the major news TV channels.

By default, VidGrid provides 4 channels that can be increased or decreased to 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 by clicking the '+ / -' button on the sidebar. As you change the number of channels, the cells are resized and automatically rearranged on the screen to give you the best possible view.

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When you enter the site, click on "Select a channel or paste a video link .." (Select a channel or paste a video link…), to select from the list of predefined news channels offered by the developer. Alternatively, paste the link from another streaming video provider such as YouTube or Vimeo (yes, it also plays videos from Vimeo).

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Repeat the above steps for each channel and your VidGrid is ready for multiple screens. Use F11 for full screen viewing.

You can only listen to the audio transmission of the active cell (channel). To activate a specific channel, click on it or press the specific channel number on the keyboard. Once a channel is selected, if you click on it again, it will close.

Also, for each video you add to the panel, you create a unique Url link for the page. You can copy it and send it to a friend to watch with you, what you have composed in your panels. See an example with our panel here.

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  • You can not resize or rearrange the channels manually according to your requirements
  • Video controls such as Pause, Reset, Full screen, etc. are not available on any of the channels
  • There is no programming option for the list of present channels provided by the developers. You should always paste a channel link that is not in the default list to view it.

Overall, this is a great multi-video viewer for your browser and works well in almost all of the browsers we tried.

Of course it works on all operating systems (Windows, Linux etc) since all you need is a browser. It is extremely useful for people who like to watch multiple news channels at the same time to properly cover any event.

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