The area of ​​Greece with the fastest Internet

Greece ranks 92nd among 196 countries in the list of countries with the highest Internet speeds internationally.Internet

At the same time, the Glyfada is the region of the country with the fastest Internet.

This results from Net Index measurements, based on the data of the internet speed measurement company OOKLA, as announced by the Association of Information Technology & Communications of Greece (SEPE).

The average speed in Greece is 9,64 Mbps, which puts it in a better position than Italy, Cyprus and Albania, but worse than many other European countries.

The fastest internet world in the world has the inhabitants of Singapore with average speed 103,99 Mbps and Hong Kong with 96,30 Mbps. Also, the South Korean residents with 76,88 Mbps and Japan with 67,83 Mbps are "surfing" at very high speeds.

Sweden, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Switzerland are the countries of Europe that are among the top ten countries with the fastest internet in the world.

Denmark, Latvia, Moldova, Iceland, Luxembourg, France, Estonia, Finland and Norway are in the top 20 in the fast Internet. Burkina Faso has the lowest internet speeds in the world, with only 1,12 Mbps.

On a global basis, the average connection speed is 22,04 Mbps, while average broadband speed in Europe is 27,3 Mbps. In OECD member countries, the average connection speed is 27,4 Mbps and in G8 28,8 Mbps countries.

In Greece, Glyfada, with 17,24 Mbps, is the site with the fastest Internet connection speeds, followed by Voula with 17,04 Mbps and Serres with 13,87 Mbps.

The first five are Alexandroupolis with 13,5 Mbps and Komotini with 11,46 Mbps.

Athens is in 16 position with average speed 9,89 Mbps, followed by Thessaloniki in 17 position, with 9,87 Mbps. Low speeds have Ioannina with 8,08 Mbps, Kalamata with 8,10 Mbps and Nafpaktos with 8,36 Mbps.


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