The FBI is seeking Cyber ​​Experts for immediate recruitment

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking for cyber experts to fight online crime and has published a motivation and specification announcement for the candidates.FBI

Those who want to become a cyber specialist should expect not only “companionship and teamwork” but also a cash reward of between $ 59.340 and $ 76.568 per year. Of course, the job offer applies only to US citizens.

It should be noted that there are many private companies willing to pay much more for talented people, and there have been many cases when government workers left their jobs either to start their own security business or to work in the private sector.

In a post published Monday, the security department reports that it hires computer scientists, digital screenwriters, and talented cyber-skilled.

Over the last few years, the FBI has conducted many businesses with private security agents to investigate incidents such as data theft, hacking on websites, cyber invasions, denial-of-service attacks, and more.

"What we want is for the people who are going to come to us to be able to be part of a team that works differently with very complex types of research and to use their expertise in this team environment," said Robert Anderson, Junior Executive Assistant. director of the Bureau of Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch.

He added that an expert cyber agent should take on all anti-terrorist or counter-intelligence businesses, and could be the main factor in examining cases (so to gold the pill).

Candidates should be 23-37 years old and once challenged they will have access to future training in order to improve their skills and become better at their job.

Robert Anderson talks about the FBI seeking to hire cyber experts:

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