Firefox 74 why you should install it

The first thing you will see after installation of the new version Mozilla Browser Firefox 74 is a prompt for installing the Facebook Container add-on.

The Facebook Container add-on is not new, but has been improved in its latest version, 2.1.0. This version allows you to add custom locations to the Container so you can connect with Facebook as painlessly as possible.

Firefox 74

The purpose of Facebook Container in Firefox 74 is to let you continue to use Facebook but without giving the social network the opportunity to track your browsing there and elsewhere.

"Installing this extension closes all your Facebook tabs, deletes Facebook cookies and logs you out of Facebook," the docs say.

When you visit Facebook and log in, the cookies of the social network are "planted" in an isolated "container" or Container. This prevents Facebook from interacting with other sites to cross-reference data that tells it where you are going and what you are doing.

Firefox 74

There is also a problem with sites that require or offer login via Facebook. This problem should not bother you anymore as you can add these sites to the Container.

Websites can be easily added by clicking on an icon displaying a fence and selecting "Allow site in Facebook container." The effect of this move will be like having two web browsers, one to which you are logged in to Facebook and the social network knows it, and another to which you are logged in and Facebook does not know it.

The add-on currently has 1,1 million users and has rated it with 4,5 stars. But to put it another way, Facebook is estimated to have about 2,5 billion users at the moment, so CEO Mark Zuckerberg's ear will probably not sweat.

Another question now that we will try to answer honestly: What does Mozilla do with Google, which also collects data? The issue seems more difficult than that of Facebook, as the non-profit organization is co-financed by Google. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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