Telecrypt Decryptor for free from Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Telecrypt Decryptor is a free program developed by the well-known security company and is designed to help you decipher files encrypted with the ransomware Telecrypt.

Telecrypt is a rather special ransomware that is distributed in a number of ways, such as: emails, exploits, and drive by downloads.decryptor

What makes Telecrypt separate is that it uses the popular TeleGram messaging service API to communicate with its creators, rather than an internet control server.

The TeleGram messaging service has an open API, so anyone can use the protocol.

TeleCrypt encrypts the files on the system, and then starts a program that informs malware victims that their files have been encrypted. Of course the ransomware immediately asks for decryption money. Malware can encrypt more than a hundred different types of files, such as: jpg, XLSX, docx, mp3, 7z, torrent or ppt.

Decrypter now developed by Malwarebytes requires you to access a good copy of one of the encrypted files. The file type is of no importance.

You'll need to upload the encrypted file and a copy of it that is not encrypted (maybe if you saved it in the cloud) on the app's screen. Then click on the start button and follow the procedure.

Telecrypt Decryptor verifies the two files. If the files match and one of them is encrypted by the encryption system that Telecrypt uses, the application will take you to its second screen.

Here you can either add the list of files encrypted by the ransomware, or select an entire folder containing the encrypted files.

It is suggested that you back up your encrypted files if something goes wrong with decryption.

You can find additional instructions and pictures at Malwarebytes blog.

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