Global Media Controls enabled in Chrome

Google Chrome 77 first released the Global Media Controls feature on fixed channel. Before the new feature was only available in the Canary branch of Chrome. Let's see what it's like to enable it.

Google has launched the "Global Media Controls" feature as an experimental feature that displays a popup similar to the one displayed when you press the multimedia keys on your keyboard.

Global Media Controls

When enabled, the feature adds a new button to the browser toolbar. Clicking on this button opens a drop-down menu listing your current media sessions (eg a YouTube video on the browser tabs) along with the play / pause buttons and more.

This allows you to quickly access and control each play without having to go to the tab. Global Media Controls can be activated with a flag.

Google Chrome has many useful options that are experimental. They are not supposed to be used by ordinary users, but friends of new features can easily activate them.

These experimental features can greatly improve the experience of Chrome browser users with additional features. To enable or disable an experimental mode, you can use hidden options called flags.
To enable Global Media Controls in Google Chrome, you must update your browser in the 77 version.
   Then open Chrome and type the following in the address bar: chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls
Select Enable from the drop-down list next to the 'Global Media Controls' bar and restart your browser as prompted.

That's it! Now, open a video on YouTube and a new play button will appear on the toolbar.
Click this button to see the list of media playing on your computer.
To deactivate the function, open the flag page and change the option from Enabled to Default.


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