Gmail for Android check all accounts from a single inbox

Google released one important information for Android Gmail, which will please users who have multiple email accounts.All-Inboxes-View

With the new update you can now see your messages from all your different accounts (whether they are gmail or something else) in a new tab called "All Inbox". This option also allows you to reply to all your messages without having to manually change your account, whether it's a Google e-mail account or not.


Gmail chat viewing makes e-mails easier to sort, just like just previous Google accounts. Each IMAP / POP account has the sorting attribute, so you can see the Outlook conversations in your


Also the search has been improved with a smarter autocompete function.

The updated update of the application should come to the users today. If you are a user of the iOS app, the company has not yet announced anything relevant to Apple's mobile operating system but will obviously be released soon on this platform. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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