Gmail shows ads in the middle of the inbox

Using Google's free Gmail service is certainly convenient, which is why it dominates the market. However, Google has started placing ads that look like emails in the inbox.

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Before this week, these ads typically appeared at the top of the inbox. Now, some have started seeing ads in the middle of their inbox as well.

These new ads in the middle of your Gmail inbox were first reported by 9to5Google. Ads appear in the Gmail Offers filter.

Of course the online reaction to this new Gmail ad setting has been negative, according to several messages from users on Twitter.

No one likes the fact that they might click on an ad that's in the middle of their inbox, and it looks like a message.

So far, Google hasn't said anything about the new Gmail ads. The company finished rolling out a new UI to all Gmail users in November 2022. However, it seems that it is still making secret changes to the look of the service. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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