Gmail How old is your account?

Want to know how old your Gmail account is? Knowing the date of creation of your Gmail account can be very practical if you need to go through the process of recovering your Gmail account.

It's also quite interesting to find out how long you have a Google Account.


See how you can find the exact date your Gmail account was created.

1. Find the welcome email in Gmail

When you first created your Gmail account, Google sent you a welcome email. The exact contents of this email have changed since the service launched in beta in 2004.

To find the welcome email (if you have not deleted it) search for "Welcome" or "Gmail Team", or[email protected]"Or"[email protected]".

2. Check the POP settings

You probably wouldn't expect this, but POP settings show the date your Gmail account was created.

To view it, click the gear icon on the top right, select View all settings, and then click Forward and POP / IMAP.

In the POP download section, look at the status bar. You will see the following:

screenshot 2021 07 13 17 34 25

However, if you have ever changed your POP settings, your Gmail account creation date will not be displayed. It will also not show up if you are using a corporate account,

How old is your Gmail account?

We hope you find out how old your Gmail account is. The picture above shows that my personal account is one of the first and has existed since the service was created (17-09-2004).

To remind the old and the newer the story, the first Gmail when the service was still in beta, was available by invitation. But the most impressive thing in 2004 was the capacity of Gmail which was 1 gigabyte of free storage, something unthinkable at that time.

So if someone managed to get an invitation to a Gmail account, they had the option to invite 5 more people.



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