Gmail enable hidden preview mode

Gmail has a hidden preview panel that shows you a double window for viewing your emails, like Outlook or other emails.

Below we will see how to enable it in your browser and how to select a horizontal or vertical

Sign in in Gmail and click on the settings gear. Then click on "Settings".

Select the "Advanced" tab.

The Preview Window option is down. Select "Activate" and click on "Save Changes".

You will be returned to the Inbox, where a new "Toggle Split Mode" button will appear next to the "Settings" button.

The name is railway and from now on we will refer to it simply as a "Preview toggle" button.


Clicking the arrow next to the preview rotation button lets you select the direction of the preview pane (vertical or horizontal).

Vertical split means that the preview window opens on the right side of the screen, and your messages are on the left as shown in the image above.

This is more useful if you have a large screen. The "split" feature means that the preview window opens at the bottom of your inbox, with emails appearing at the top.


This particular mode (look) is for those who have a square screen. But whatever you prefer, you can move the preview window, left or right, or up and down to bring it to your feet.

Once you have selected the preferred split mode (vertical or horizontal), you can click the Preview Select button to toggle the display. Of course, if you want to completely remove the preview option, you need to go back to Settings> Advanced and turn off the feature.




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