GoBe Handheld Calibrator: Submersible machine or just a scam?

The GoBe is a wrist device designed to measure calories in the human body. The company that made the device claims that the machine has the ability to measure the calories consumed by the wearer. This great discovery already has many enemies…GoBe calorie counter wearable

Despite the specificity of his "work", GoBe's originality is not focused on his functional, which is identical to corresponding bracelets measuring heartbeats, but to a specific algorithm that adapts to it. HealBe founder George Micampiertz emphasizes that the equations involved in the algorithm took about a decade to implement.

The challenge

Despite this impressive discovery, there are many opponents of the device. More specifically, many medical experts face it GoBe as a big scam, as they believe that software-algorithm operation can not lead to accurate results.

The fact that the device was not created by one of a colossal company but by HealBe is another reason why the product is not appreciated. But Mikarperitze disagrees strongly with this idea:

"It is not necessary that big ideas come from big companies. Take for example Tesla. I did not see electric cars being produced by BMW, Mercedes or Chevrolet. Smaller companies are more likely to learn something new and to promote something subversive in the market, he said.

The experiment

At BBC's initiative, GoBe's credibility was tested in an experiment in which Micampiertz himself took part. The results of the experiment showed that Micampiertas consumed 514 calories from 555 which should be the correct indication, with the percentage of accuracy being 85% which was considered to be absolutely positive.

Of the CCS Insight Technology Board survey leaders, Ben Wood, says:

"GoBe can be the Holy Grail of such devices - bracelets," he said, while he concluded that:

"The real big benefits will come if other machines are given the device algorithm"

So far 6,000 tracks have been marketed, with their impressions expected to help if the product is really good to be true.

Source: Skai.gr

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