TrackingPoint is the first weapon connected to the Internet

We know that companies like Intel, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and HP pretty much try to interconnect everything over the internet.CES 2015 TrackingPoint

But none of them had approached the issue of weapons. It turns out that another company was ahead of them. A startup from Texas-based Austin by name TrackingPoint He added weapons to the Internet of Things.

The first presentation was at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the newly established company unveiled accurate guided 338TP weapon.

The weapon allows even "novice shooters" to shoot accurately "at a distance of one mile more accurately than the most experienced snipers in the world."

Η TrackingPoint also released the ShotView application, which can be installed on iOS (iPhone and iPads) and Android devices.

The ShotView application streams videos from the online gun gun field. Live. This you can imagine what it means. With this application we will probably see a lot of live from the battlefield in the future.

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