God Mode in Windows 11

The new Settings app of 11 is quite improved but lacks the advanced settings page called “”And allows you to easily access all the advanced tools, features and tasks.

With God Mode you can view and manage advanced management functions from one place and it is better than modern settings.

THE () God Mode of Windows 11 offers you up to 206 settings.

To use God Mode in Windows 11, create a folder as listed below:

On the desktop, right-click anywhere, select "New" and click "Folder"
Right-click on the new folder and rename it to:
Press Enter.


Double-click this folder to open God Mode.

god fashion

A page like the image above will appear. As you can see, Windows 11's God Mode restores the classic File view .

You can further customize options with CLSID - a unique identifier for accessing other configuration pages directly from the desktop. As you may know, God Mode settings are assigned to different categories. Using CLSID, you can move these categories to specific pages.

For example, you can create a folder with CLSID “{D20EA4E1-3957-11d2-A40B-0C5020524153}” to open Administrative Tools, such as the s, disc format options and more.

You can also try the following codes:

Network – {F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}
Bluetooth – {28803F59-3A75-4058-995F-4EE5503B023C}
Mouse properties – {6C8EEC18-8D75-41B2-A177-8831D59D2D50}
Personalization – {ED834ED6-4B5A-4bfe-8F11-A626DCB6A921}
Troubleshooting – {C58C4893-3BE0-4B45-ABB5-A63E4B8C8651}

God Mode in Windows 10

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