Google requires application developers to verify their data and 2FA

Google now requires Play Store app developers to verify their address, phone number, and use 2FA.

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Google announced on Monday new measures for the Play Store, including requiring developer accounts to enable 2-Step Verification (2SV), provide an address, and verify their contact information by the end of 2021.

The new changes apply to both individual developers and companies that own developer accounts on Google Play and move their applications, specify an account type (staff or organization), a contact name, their physical address, and verify the address email and their phone number. In addition to the above, they should also use 2-step verification when connecting.

Existing accounts will start declaring the above from today and by the end of the year everyone should have complied. New accounts from August onwards will need to determine their account type and verify their contact information.

The changes come as part of the company's efforts to combat fraud and fraudulent developer accounts, which have already been sold in underground forums, to disguise malware as legitimate applications.

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