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Art on Google's search engine: Some of them are attracted to Van Gogh's touches in The Starry Night, others prefer to look at the glorious glory of Klimt The Kiss, but one thing is for sure: people love art. On the merits, every month, Google searches more than 500 million searches related to art. Now if you're an occasional admirer of art or a maniac of civilization, Google can help you become expert in art.

From today, when looking for art-related issues, you will have access to more relevant results and the ability to explore deeper issues for which you are interested. Google also added a new feature to Street View ("think digital museum guide!") That gives you basic knowledge of artworks on your virtual visits to museums.google art

Explore more about art through Google Search

To help you make your art search a… masterpiece, the Google Arts & Culture team has joined forces with Google search engineers to improve the way Google systems understand and recognize works of art. the places we can see them up close, the artists who created them, the materials they used, the artistic period they belong to and the connections between them all.

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Now when you search for an artist like Gustav Klimt, you will see an interactive information panel that points out ways you can explore to a higher level, such as seeing a collection of works of art or even browsing museums where you can see the paintings on the wall. And for some works, you can click to view the image in high resolution from Google Arts & Culture.

Google Arts & Culture, the virtual museum guide

You can visit hundreds of museums around the world from your laptop with Google Maps and Google Arts & Culture. From today, your Street View virtual tour is more informative on your PC screen and in your Chrome mobile browser. Now as you browse the museum rooms on Google Maps you will see clear and useful comments on the wall next to each work.

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Clicking on these comments will take you to a new page with more information provided by hundreds of well-known museums. You'll also be able to zoom into high resolution images - bringing you closer to these virtual projects than you ever imagined.

To create these features, Google launched visual recognition software. A software similar to how learning engineering technology allows you to search for files in your photo collection on Google Photos, this software scans the museum walls around the world, identifying and categorizing more than 15.000 projects.

The discovery of the world of art has never been easier on Google, and Google hopes to inspire you to refresh your knowledge of art. So find some time. Get into the deep. And who knows, with a ... touch of luck you can be seduced by art.

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