Google Assistant Driving mode appeared on Android

The Google Assistant Driving mode (Google Assistant Driving mode) that the company first announced in 2019 began to appear on some Android devices, XDA-Developers reported.

The user interface looks a bit different from what Google showed at last year's I / O developer conference. XDA reports that it first noticed something two weeks ago when users reported seeing a new navigation interface (UI) on Google Maps.

We do not know if the availability of this new feature is part of a test or will be available to all users. XDA's Mishaal Rahman said he saw the new driving feature on a Google Pixel 4, an Asus ZenFone 7 Pro and an LG Velvet, and speculated that the new feature would replace the Android Auto app on smartphones. This seems to be in line with what Google said last year.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It should logically be available on any Android phone with Google Assistant, using the voicemail "Hey Google, let's drive." This would display a control panel with driving-related functions and other personalized suggestions.

The same board should also provide entertainment opportunities for drivers whose vehicles are not equipped with touch screens.

Voicemail does not appear to be working on devices that have the new feature enabled, according to Android Police. To see if your device has Google Assistant Driving mode, open the Google Maps application and select "Google Assistant settings" from the settings menu. If it is not enabled, you will be taken to the main section of the Assistant settings.

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