Windows 10 KB4579311 & KB4577671 are causing problems

After receiving the KB4579311 and KB4577671 updates in Windows 10, many users have found that they cause a lot of problems.

To Patch Tuesday the 13th of October Microsoft has released cumulative updates for 2004, 1909, 1903, and other supported versions.mimikatz Playing with Windows Security!

As with the September updates, it did not take long for users to start reporting installation problems, system errors, and other general errors.

Users at Microsoft forum, in Reddit, and the Feedback Hub report many issues after installing Windows 10 KB4579311 and Windows 10 KB4577671.

Windows 10 KB4579311 cannot be installed for many users with the following error messages:


Update KB4577671 for version 1909 and version 1903 also presents the aforementioned errors.

These are the most common passwords reported by users. They are usually associated with missing files in Windows Update, WinSXS, and other components that are responsible for editing updates in Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the old trick of manually downloading the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog no longer works.

Of course, you can fix these issues with an on-site upgrade via Microsoft Media Creation Tool, but this option is not currently available.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the third or fourth week of October to install the October updates using the Media Creation Tool because it is updated every third and fourth week of the month with the new cumulative updates.

For now, you can pause updates until Microsoft releases the new Media Creation Tool or fixes bugs.

Unfortunately, update KB4579311 does not go back. According to some users, it appears to have blue or black screens.

System errors, Blue Screen of Death, and sound problems are common to some users after updating to the new Patch Tuesday. The following is a list of topics that users have mentioned:

Long download and installation time.
Failure to install the update.
The system stops.
Problems with File Explorer, Printing, Audio Issues.

If you run into problems, remove the update as shown in the image below, and be patient until Microsoft fixes a fix.

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