Google is creating a Duolingo competitor

According to information, Google is preparing a new product called Tivoli and will be a competitor of Duolingo.

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Google seems to have no stopping commercially, as in addition to the ability to search and translate into dozens of languages, it also enters language learning, and becomes a competitor to Duolingo. According to a report by “The Information", The company is preparing a new product called Tivoli and will be released at the end of the year.

The company is not foreign to language learning. Last year, it launched the Read Along offline app (originally released as Bolo in India in 2019) to teach children English, Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese. However, the rumored Tivoli seems to be starting to learn languages ​​on a larger and more comprehensive scale.

Every time Google launches an expansion effort, it causes headaches for other industry leaders, such as Babel, Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. According to a report by Meticulous Research analytics, the online language learning market is expected to reach $ 21,2 billion by 2027. And it is no surprise if the search giant is preparing to take a big chunk of this pie.

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