The WWW source code is up for auction

The man credited with inventing the World Wide Web is auctioning off the WWW source code.

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An interesting auction is taking place these days aimed at collectors and internet historians who would like to own one of the most valuable technological objects. This is the source code of the WWW.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing the World Wide Web (as the creator of the first server and web browser), and who created the WWW source code, is now putting it up for auction. However, the bidder does not just receive the source code. The winner will receive four distinct historically significant goodies that can be considered a significant financial investment.

These are the:
1. Original file with dated and sealed files containing the source code, written between 3 October 1990 and 24 August 1991
2. Moving visualization of the code that it looks like when it was written (Video, black and white, silent), lasting 30 minutes 25 seconds.
3. A Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) representation of the full code (A0 841 mm wide by 1189 mm high), created by Sir Tim from the original files using Python, with a graphical representation of his physical signature at the bottom right.
4. A letter written in the file (in "markdown" format) by Sir Tim in June 2021, which reflects the code and the process of its creation.

If you want to see the details of the auction and if you are thinking of submitting your bid, you can do it on the Sotheby's website. The auction starts on June 23, 2021 and will last until June 30, 2021, which means that you have a few days to assemble a sturdy bead for this purpose.

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