Google: creation for the withdrawal

We know Google as a creator or buyer of successful online products. The most successful products of the company with wide recognition and use by consumers are: Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Adsense / Adwords, Android and YouTube.

But lately, the company seems to be in a vicious cycle of creating or buying new products or services, retiring them a little later.

An example of this is Google+. Developed as Google's response to the Facebook social network, it has begun to incorporate it into other successful company services. For example, at some point in order to comment on YouTube, you should have a Google Plus account.
Let's say Google + has come to replace Google Buzz and Google Friend Connect, maybe Orkut.

Today we learned that another Google+ product, Hangouts on Air is no longer a social network service. The company announced the retirement of Hangouts on Air at 12 September by turning people on YouTube Live.

On the other hand he had the Duo that he had announced since May. Duo is one of two mobile messaging applications announced by the company.

The other is called Allo and will be a messaging application with an assistant. Both new applications are directly linked to your personal phone number. What does this mean;

Google wants to learn from your conversations, online tours and the network of your very close friends. The Digital Assistant application will support you as well as the usual "digital assistants" by answering your questions or booking you at a restaurant.

So Google does not seem to worry about whether new products are coming in and retiring old that no longer fit into the company's strategy.

What is the strategy? Nobody has said it clearly (and we do not expect to do so) but it seems to be one: the information. All the complex applications, plans and strategies followed by the company hide behind the uninterrupted hunting of information.

So it is very likely that Google will continue to create, or buy products, and stop a few months or a few years later.

Even its most popular services, such as Gmail, should not be considered as safe and secure, as Google has begun Inbox (Inbox) some time ago with similar functionality, which could very well replace Gmail at some point.

Google undoubtedly develops great products, however, it is clear that the company does not think of the end user or reviews. So it does not hesitate to interrupt various services, always aiming at easier and more universal acquisition of information.

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