Google 4 new security measures required to use JavaScript

Google announced today four new features for more security in your personal accounts.

The four updates are not only aimed at enhancing protection before and after users' subscription to company services, but also in the case of a recovery after a hack.Google

According to Google's Jonathan Skelker, Google's first protection feature today runs in the background before users start typing their username and password.

According to Skelker, soon Google will not allow users to log in to their accounts if they have disabled JavaScript in their browser.The reason Google will apply the above measure is because it uses JavaScript for risk assessment tests on the login page. So if JavaScript is disabled, it will allow hackers to bypass these checks.

This change is very likely to affect a very small number of users (approximately 0,01 percent according to Google data) but it will probably make life harder for bots. Users who will be affected are those who disable JavaScript for performance reasons.

The second new security feature relates to malicious Android apps that you may have installed on your phones.

Google plans to get data from Google Play Protect, a security scanner included as an official Android app for Google Play, to record all malicious applications that are still installed on Android-powered smartphones.

This information will appear in the Google Account Security Check section in the coming weeks, and this information will overlay the user's screen as soon as it logs in to the account to force itself to do something as quickly as possible.

The third new feature concerns third-party apps and sites that a user has granted permission to access their account data in the past.

"We already alert you when it comes to giving access to sensitive information - such as Gmail data or Google Contacts - to third-party websites or applications. "In the coming weeks, we will be expanding to notify you wherever you go to share any data from your account," Skelker said in a post on blog the company's.

Last but not least, it is a security feature that Google plans to use in case of a violation of your account. This feature is already active and is a new set of procedures for restoring access and reassuring damaged security features.

The process is described in detail on this Google support page and in addition to helping users regain access to their accounts, it will also help them control any financial activity from Google Pay, examine what new files were added to Gmail or Drive etc.

This GIF shows a preview of how this new account recovery process works.


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