Google News will stop service in Europe?

Google News could disappear for Europeans if Google and the EU do not reach an agreement after the entry into force of upcoming copyright law.

The European Parliament is trying to pass a bill on the protection of intellectual property within the European Union. The forthcoming Copyright Bill has certain advantages for copyright holders, which, at least in theory, is good.Google News

News publishers will be able to make money from Alphabet, Facebook and any other company that brings together and promotes news. The Google News service, for example, which displays a small excerpt for each news article under the new bill, should compensate publishers.

So companies will be able to get money from Google, but as it seems Google is not willing to pay because it claims to not earn money (!) From this service. However, even if it does not win as Google claims, it brings people to the search engine.

When the European Union imposed the GDPR Directive on the processing of personal data in the EU via the Internet, several companies decided to leave the market instead of complying.

For the time being, the European Union has not decided on how to proceed, and we will rather be slow to see a decision. This means that the status quo will continue to apply. Sure is that Google is also not willing to take part in another battle with the EU that may brings heavy fines.

According to one Publication of Bloomberg, Romania, currently head of the European Council, will not make a decision. Such a broad decision will have an impact on all EU countries, so there will be disagreements.

For now, it is impossible to say how this clash will end, but the threat of Google leaving the EU market seems to be part of a negotiating strategy.




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