Google Phishing Quiz Do you recognize phishing emails?

Google Phishing Quiz: As email services continue to improve and become better at phishing, some continue to fall into the trap of scammers.

Below you can see how good / good you are at locating phishing messages and acting accordingly. Google Phishing Quiz

Jigsaw is an Alphabet subsidiary, and has partnered with Google, also an Alphabet affiliate, to create a quiz.

The quiz is designed to test your ability to detect phishing emails and, according to Jigsaw, "uses technology to make the world safer."

Test your ability to detect phishing messages

Google Phishing Quiz tests you in real time with eight examples inspired by other attempts at fraud. Try to determine which of the emails are normal and what are the scams trying to steal your data.

It can be a lot harder than you think, so it's probably worthwhile to try and you and your friends.

Examples used are with Google Docs emails containing password change requests. As you process the quiz, you will see what to look for when trying to track phishing messages. Includes URLs, typographical errors, and insecure domains.

In a Medium post, Justin Henck, Jigsaw's product manager, reported on Quiz:

"We created this quiz based on the training exercises we have conducted on approximately 10.000 journalists, activists and political leaders around the world from Ukraine to Syria and Ecuador. "We've studied the latest techniques used by attackers and designed this quiz to teach people how to spot them."


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