Microsoft C and D updates: what changed for the better

As we have said in an earlier publication, Microsoft releases "C" and "D" updates to those who click "Check for Updates" in Windows Update.

Everyone who tries "Check for Updates" through Windows Update beta testers are automatically done.Microsoft products

Since January of 2019, however, Microsoft has changed this feature, and C-updates are first tested by Windows Insiders.

As we have mentioned earlier, the C and D updates circulate on the third and fourth week of each month. They include fixes (not security fixes) and install only to those who click on "Check for Updates" in Windows Update.

These users actually test the beta updates before releasing the "fixed" Patch Tuesday updates next month. Patch Tuesday updates are called "B" updates, as they are released in the second week of each month.

Updates C and D caused a lot of problems. For example, an "D" update recently caused blue screens in Microsoft's Surface Book 2. The problem of course appeared only to those who clicked on "Check for Updates."

Naturally no one knows how many of those who check for updates know they are selecting unstable updates.

So the above news seems to be good, as this month for the C update KB4476976 detailed checks seem to have been done via the Windows Insider Release Preview ring:

The update is still a C update and will only be installed if you click Check for Updates, but this time it appears to have been tried by those who have chosen to try Microsoft products. We are talking about Windows Insiders who have chosen to be beta testers.

Microsoft should take drastic action after its fiasco October 2018 Update whose development resembled the bridge of Arta.

Microsoft's experiments with the "Check for Updates" button do not seem to satisfy users who want a stable operating system. For the majority, the distribution of untested patches without notice is not allowed, especially by a company the size of Microsoft.




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