Google: Finish Flash ads from 2 January 2017

Google today announced that the Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing completely remove Flash ads and replace them with HTML5 from the following year. rip flash Google

In particular, advertisers will no longer be able to display ads that contain embedded Flash code in AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, starting with 30 June 2016, and will not be able to run Flash ads on Display Networ Google or through DoubleClick from 2 January 2017.

Flash ads have been running for years, like many other applications using Adobe software. But for too many years, Flash is also a security nightmare, as new vulnerabilities are emerging. So the market looks and moves slowly but steadily from Flash plugins to HTML5.

Google has played a major role in withdrawing the app. In January of 2015, YouTube stopped Flash by displaying all of its videos in HTML5 by default, and in February, the company started automatically converting Flash ads to HTML5.

Google said in a statement today that the latest move is aimed at "enhancing the browsing experience for more people and more devices" and encourages all interested retailers to update their Flash HTML5 ads before the aforementioned dates.

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