Google builds its own village with 8000 homes

Google has announced plans to build a huge complex in Mountain View, California.

In documents released Friday, Google details its ambitious plan to remodel the North Bayshore area of ​​Mountain View, building new offices, retail outlets and new homes.

The planned construction is part of the company's effort to tackle housing deficiencies in the region.Google

(CNBC Pictures)

According with CNBC, Google's development plans include 290.000 square meters for office building, 37,160 square meters for the construction of retail space, up to 8.000 new homes as well as 35 acres of open space accessible to the public.

Mountain View City Council has already approved the 2017 Rebuilding Plan since December. So Google will be able to build the new village directly (money available) to cope with the mismatch between the limited housing space and the continued job growth in the region.

Google's proposal was designed to comply with Mountain View City's Precise Plan, which was approved by local authorities last year.

A Google spokesman said the company wanted to add more housing options and "large public spaces that give people more priority than cars" in the area.

Note that Google is already building a huge campus in Mountain View (the first image), called Charleston East. The campus you see above has a canopy that covers the entire two-story building.

The new campus has hiking trails, public park, square and shopping areas. Google is reported to have spent about 3 billion dollars over the past two years for the real estate market in Silicon Valley.

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