Google Public DNS: At last with DNS-over-TLS

Google Public DNS, our known IP addresses and, are now able to handle queries with DNS-over-TLS. The Domain Name System (DNS) for those who do not know looks like an online phone directory for domain name conversion to IP addresses.

Why DNS-over-TLS? DNS queries were vulnerable to sniffing and spoofing if someone managed to get in between your computer and the DNS server.

But using Transport Layer Security (TLS) can make the process somewhat safer by encrypting connections and, of course, queries.Google Public DNS

"From today, users can secure queries between their devices and Google Public DNS with DNS-over-TLS, while maintaining their privacy and integrity." said Google without mentioning the obvious:

The company (known for collecting data) naturally knows which domain you are visiting, and of course your query on the DNS server will need to be decrypted.

Users of the Android 9 version of Google have the ability to use DNS-over-TLS, as there is a Private DNS setting in Android network settings.

Let's mention that Google has come to add the DNS-over-TLS security feature, since the DNS server of Cloudflare uses it since April last year.


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