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If you've used Google Search today, you may have noticed the three-dot menu next to each search engine result. This new “about this result” option will roll out globally over the next two days to all Google Search users.

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Google announced the new feature in a new post on the official The Keyword blog. There, Google explains that the feature is designed to "help people evaluate information and understand where it's coming from."

A tap or click on the three-dot menu next to each search result will open the new “About this result” overlay in your browser. The rest of the screen is grayed out to give full focus to the new window.


Information about the company, organization or individual is provided. It seems to come from open sources, including Wikipedia, for the most part. There may also be a link to the official website and a notice that this information is not advertising.

If no public information is available, e.g. if a site does not have a Wikipedia entry, Google reveals when it first published the site.

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