Google : killing SEO as we knew it

Google announced today that it will be rolling out new updates to its Search service in the coming weeks aimed at making it easier for users to find high-quality content.

The new ranking improvements will help reduce low-quality or unoriginal content that ranks high in search results. Seo

Google says the update will specifically target content created primarily for search engine ranking, also known as “SEO-first,” rather than human-sourced content. The company's tests have shown that the update will improve the results users find when searching for content such as online educational materials, as well as arts and entertainment, shopping and technology content.

The new updates will help reduce the number of low-quality results from sites that have learned to game the system with SEO-optimized content to rank high in search results.

Google says that users should start seeing content that is actually useful rank more prominently in search results. The company plans to improve its systems and leverage these improvements over time.

"If you're looking for information about a new movie, you may have come across articles that aggregate reviews from other sites without adding their own beyond what's available elsewhere on the web," the company says in a post on her blog.

“This isn't very helpful if you're expecting to read something new. With this update, you'll see more results with unique information, so you're more likely to read something you've never seen before.” The Best Technology Site in Greece
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