Google Tool to remove Crapware from Chrome

Last year, Google announced plans to lock Chrome to prevent installation crapware. Unfortunately, scammers have found a way to trick users and install extensions with spyware and adware. They just uploaded them to the Chrome Web Store. In addition to this, there are websites like that distribute some freeware. Anyone who makes the mistake and clicks Accept installation will end up with a very slow computer full of crapware.

As an extra precaution, avoid "free" downloads from In general, in each installation you should read carefully what the installer says. Pay attention to what you accept.

How Can You Fill Crapware? If you make the mistake and click Accept Installing Programs from, a window will appear a little later, which automatically loads the Google Chrome Extension page. The installation will then proceed on its own without selecting it.

  Konan: Advanced Web Application and Dir Scanner

To remove these extensions, write the following path in the Chrome Address Box:

chrome: // extensions

or go to the Tools - extensions main menu. Click the Chrome bin to remove the extension.

Let's also look at Google's software removal tool for those who want an automatic method.

Google has recently released a new tool to help you easily clean your Chrome browser. It will disable all your extensions. Of course, you only need to re-enable the extensions you want.

You can download it Software removal tool (it's still beta) from here.

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