Toontastic 3D Children's fantasy acquires three dimensions

Once again, SecNews anticipates news and press releases. Yesterday we announced the first the Google Toontastic 3D application. Today our company has sent us the press release below:

The Toontastic 3D application gives inexhaustible childhood imagination and creativity another dimension as it is expected that our younger "heroes" will make their first steps.Google Toontastic 3D

Today's digital apps and existing tools offer unbelievable opportunities for children, but also for those who ... feel children to use their imagination and technology alike to discover, explore and have fun!

In recent years, the close collaboration of Google developers with teachers has enabled the necessary programs to be developed so that children can create through code, yes create theirs Google's Doodle, yes explore exotic landscapes through the virtual reality, even to tour the Himalayas with a very friendly Yeti called Verne.

Today, Google presents its latest project for children, wanting to voice their imagination and transform the devices into powerful tools for creating and learning creative skills.

With Toontastic 3D, kids can paint and give picture and movement in fantastic characters. They can still narrate their own adventures, create their own heroes or do anything else they imagine. At the same time, all these possibilities can be used in their school work.

All they have to do is "play" with the characters on the screen and create their own story. It's like a digital puppet theater, but with inexhaustible three-dimensional interactive worlds, dozens of changing characters, three-dimensional painting tools, and a "workshop" of ideas with examples of stories that will be the starting point for new creations.

Like the original Toontastic (which was released by 2011 and was enthusiastically welcomed by teachers, children and parents around the world), Toontastic 3D allows children to create whatever they want, including books or schoolwork for science, small stories and cartoons.

Toontastic 3D is available today and free on mobile, tablets and selected Chromebooks, the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The application will encourage children to sharpen their imagination, invent and explore while developing skills for the creative jobs of the future - whether they are dreaming to become filmmakers, teachers, designers, cartoonists, or just want to explore the limits of their imagination .

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Google Toontastic 3D is already available for free and is waiting for you to download it at Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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