Hacker took the Minister of Defense footprint from a photograph

Hacker was able to reproduce German Defense Secretary Ursula von der Leyen's fingerprint just by scanning a thumbshot. These photos were made public by the media.Hacker and the Fingerprint

Until now we knew that with enough care, fingerprints can be copied from objects with polished surfaces touched by a person. This method is also used by the police, but security investigators have been able to prove that it can be done by anyone.

Fingerprints can be reproduced by images

In the conference for hackers Chaos Computer Club in Hamburg this year, the Jan Krissler, also known as the Starbug, presented how the biometric feature can be reproduced from the photos of a finger.

Ο Krissler is a security researcher at the Technical University of Berlin, and examines the weaknesses of biometric security systems.

The fingerprint that he managed to reproduce found her in a thumbs-up photograph by von der Leyen, which was taken at a press conference in October. Then use additional close-ups to fill the missing fingerprint sections.Hacker Fingerprint

The tool used by the researcher was VeriFinger, which incorporates fingerprint recognition technology. The software is designed for integrators of biometric systems and is based on a powerful algorithm that complies with the standard fingerprint recognition system.

Fingerprint Extractor is an app that is available to consumers at the price of € 20 if nine licenses are purchased.

This vulnerability is probably something that has to worry about device makers as more and more use the fingerprint recognition feature.

Obtaining a fingerprint through the Krissler method can bypass all biometric systems that ensure access to many different places because physical access is no longer required.

See the presentation video (German)


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