Hackers hack prison cameras and broadcast live videos on YouTube

Hackers managed to break into the surveillance system of a Thai prison and then broadcast live videos on YouTube.

Although no details have been released about the hackers, local authorities say the breach was discovered when a journalist saw the live streaming and alerted prison officials.

According to one Star Online report, a YouTube account called BigBrother's Gaze uploaded the detainees' activities live for several hours. Because the videos showed footage from multiple cameras on the show, it is believed that the hackers gained access to the entire surveillance system.

Thai authorities say the camera system of Lang Suan prison in the southern province of Chumphon has been attacked by hackers abroad, but no further details have been released. Also, no information was released on how the hackers managed to break into the surveillance cameras.

As soon as the guards realized the violation, they reacted by closing the entire surveillance system. In addition, this YouTube channel does not currently have any videos, most likely after the account holder removed them.

In the channel information, the owner says the videos were not taken as a result of a breach, and advises them to change the default passwords when installing the surveillance cameras.

The account was created on October 26 and today has 1.700 subscribers.

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