Hacktronian hacking tool for Linux and Android

Hacktronian is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for social engineering and multiple server attacks.

It has a certain number of attacks that allow someone to perform a full penetration testing from both Linux and your Android phone.

Hacktronian hacking tool for Linux and Android

Hacktronian installation

Download the repository from Github

We change the Directory by going to Hacketronian

We are running the installation installer with Sudo privileges

We start the tool from anywhere by typing the command hacktronian

Installation into a Android with Termux

pkg install git

pkg install python

git clone https://github.com/thehackingsage/hacktronian.git

cd hacktronian

chmod + x hacktronian.py

python2 hacktronian.py


The script has a CLI feature that you can run with the following instructions:

Example: Information Gathering

The list shows the type and sources of identification of each option you can select

We can select Host from an IP

We put the site and we have to check that this IP really exists

- Complete Command Line Interface
- Contains a large list of modules and attacks
- Easy to use

- In some modules it displays the message "Not Independent"
- We can not create our own attacks
- The program does not save the information on output


Hacktronian is a very nice tool used by ethical hackers to create payloads for an advanced attack, I really like its comfort and ease of use.


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