Halo: spends $ 7.000 to build the Pillar of Autumn with Lego

If you have not heard it Pillar of Autumn is a giant spacecraft that is indissolubly linked to its lore Halo, as he starred in some epic moments in both the first Halo and the Halo: Reach.

Undoubtedly the Pillar of Autumn is the best-known craft from the universe of Halo and a very fanatical fan of the Master Chief world, he did not hesitate to spend $ 7.000 to recreate the Pillar of Autumn using only Lego blocks!


Lee Jones needed about 3.5 years from his life to construct the "massive" lego version of Pillar of Autumn and the final result (as you can see from the pictures below), fully justified him. Its creation is lengthy 2 measures and 15 cm and weighs near 100 Kg..

Lee did not count how many Lego bricks he used to build the huge spaceship from the world of Halo, but to spend close to $ 7.000, that means he relied on thousands of Lego blocks.

His creation as we do it is in one word impressive, while the point of the lego version of the Pillar of Autumn that undoubtedly steals the show is machines of the vessel, which are designed in perfection.

Take the photos and the video below, which sheds light on the construction of this admirable Lego spacecraft ...pillar-of-autumn-lego-4



pillar-of-autumn-lego Halo


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