Download free high resolution satellite images (HD)

Interested in high fidelity (HD) satellite imagery? How beautiful the planet we live in can only be seen from afar. Below we will see how you can download high resolution satellite images but also where you can find amazing educational tools to explore the geographical changes of our planet.
All three solutions below are free.

Earth Explorer

Earth Explorer is owned by the US Geological Survey. Its maps and images are high resolution. The data concerns the country (and not only), but it is detailed and very informative. HD
The information is gathered from sources such as the Landsat remote sensing program as well as NASA ground services.

You can use a combination of query options to combine United States Geological Survey (USGS) files and retrieve datasets.

Copernicus or Copernicus

The European Commission (EC), together with the European Space Agency (ESA), has the world's largest Earth observation program. HD
Data from Sentinel satellites is available at absolutely no cost through an open access hub to the website. You will need to record to download HD satellite images.

High resolution images are offered to the public under a Creative Commons IGO license. The quality is better than the United States Geological Survey (USGS) images.

Take a look at Sentinel Hub Playground to download very high resolution images from Sentinel-2.

NASA Worldview

NASA's Worldview is a powerful application that lets you view high-resolution satellite images almost in real time. You can use the functions of the web page to set a timeline and download a data history. HD

You can also try to see the Earth at night. What does the Earth look like after sunset and what are the areas with the lights? Download everything to your computer.

Of course there is Google Earth (but also Google Maps), but with the above websites you will enjoy much better resolution (HD) in the images that interest you.

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