Video: How do you shoot a drone with a helicopter

We have seen various methods of dealing with drones, such as nets, special radio signal weapons, regular weapons, bazookas, and even specially trained eagles. The organizers of a serf competition in Hawaii gave us a different approach: as shown in the video below, they shot down a drone using a helicopter.


In most international sports organizations, those in charge are quite protective of their intellectual property rights, as they are an additional income to compensate for the exorbitant expenses of an international event. So in the World Surf League (WSL). It is almost impossible to do professional filming or photography within the competition areas unless you have previously been approved by the WSL.

So last year, when an unauthorized filmmaker was flying his drone just above the WSL competition site in Peahi, Hawaii, organizers tried to stop him.

At first, they threw flippers at the drone, trying to do so with vertical shots. But when they saw that they could not reach it because its pilot was throwing it so much that the flippers could not reach it, they recruited a regular helicopter. Flying the helicopter over the drone dragged it to the sea with the large vertical wave of air produced when it hovers.

Although the video is from last year, we believe that you have not seen it since it is not famous in Greece. See below: The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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