Count Your Maggie: After How-Old Microsoft came the How-Dude

Have you ever wondered how tough you are? If so, then the site How-Dude is the perfect way to learn it. After the release of from Microsoft, which has made people run to check the age of the site, the new site guarantees you to reveal the level of your

The site is obviously not for everyone, and before testing you should be aware that the results may not match your expectations, especially if you have overestimated your level of masculinity.

Lulu, is an application that allows women to classify men based on their appearance. The developers of Lulu had the idea of ​​creating a website that can count your apple on a scale from 1 to 100.

Because it is designed for men only, the images of women will have a low percentage of mantle, depending on their image, of course.

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The design of the website How-Dude is quite similar to Microsoft's page, but the results can not be as bad as the Microsoft page, as it's just for plaque.

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