How to turn off Google's bubbling ads


If you use her services Google, you may know that collects some of your information so that it can target its ads to your profile. Of all the information the company collects, the most notable are queries when you're logged in (or even when you're not), your location, your web browser cookies, and even your email.

For example, if you search the company's search engine for how to buy a tablet, you'll see ads talking about shops selling tablets.

Some they care a lot about their privacy and some others just don't want targeted ads. For all these users, Google has a special set of settings.

The concept of targeted ads or interest-based ads is known as buddling . Use the link below to customize the preferences of the ads you see:

Using it Settings for Google ads , you can control what kind of information can be used to show you these targeted ads on , on YouTube and on Google's various online services. You can enable or disable the use of the following:


  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Languages
  4. Interests
  5. Advertiser campaigns you have blocked

Configure the settings according to your personal preferences and you're good to go! Using the Tweak above doesn't mean the company will stop tracking you, as they are known for collecting every piece of data they discover. Still, it's worth a try for those concerned about the personal data they share on the internet. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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