Huawei: White House & Technology Companies Discuss Foreclosure

US vs Huawei: US government officials, as well as representatives of major US technology companies, will meet to discuss Huawei ban, according to a Publication of Reuters.

Companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Google and Micron will attend the meeting along with White House Chief Financial Officer Larry Kudlow and Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin.


Broadcom and Microsoft may also be invited to the meeting, although none of the companies mentioned in the publication have confirmed their participation so far.

Although officially the agenda of the meeting mentions several different issues, among which there are many that describing as "financial issues", the restrictions against Huawei will be discussed, especially because there are many who have warned that the industry will be affected. US with exclusion.

Recall that an order signed by President Donald Trump in mid-May forbids Huawei to have any cooperation with American companies. This means that the Chinese company can not use products manufactured - developed in the United States, and these include software such as Android and Windows, which it uses to run its devices.

Recently, US government officials said they would begin to offer temporary licenses to Huawei, provided the cooperation does not affect national security. This is expected to happen in a few weeks, although a Chinese company is calling on the United States to lift the embargo altogether.

Huawei, meanwhile, is trying to reduce its reliance on US companies by trying to build more components within China. At the same time, Huawei reported the development of its own operating system, although the company recently stated that the project concerns only IoT devices and not mobile devices.


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