HWiNFO v8.00: free application to monitor your computer

The HWiNFO is a free program that can show you in real time comprehensive information of the individual of your computer as well as information about the overall state of its "health".

The HWiNFO is a portable meaning it can be run from an external device, without installation. Of course, it also has a fully installed version. Yesterday, the company responsible for it released it 7.64 version with several changes, improvements and monitoring options, compared to the previous version 6. Works on Windows 32/64 bit and DOS

When HWiNFO starts, it displays a main analysis window with the components of your system and a second real-time monitoring window with the basic components of your computer ( summary), such as CPU, GPU, memory, motherboard etc.

This information may help you see if there are firmware updates for your bios version or program updates for the graphics card. Although it is not possible to search for these through the application, it is easy to find the correct driver information online, as you can do a detailed search for these updates.

Latest v8.00
Released on Mar-27-2024
  • Added fully integrated OSD.
  • Windows XP/Vista support dropped in HWiNFO64.
  • HWiNFO Installer migrated to Unicode for better multi-language support.
  • HWiNFO Installer now includes HWiNFO64 only and requires Windows 7 x64 or later.
  • Legacy HWiNFO32 available in the portable only.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS NUC series.
  • Improved health monitoring of some NVMe drives connected via Intel RST.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS TUF GAMING Z790-PRO WIFI.

The program has the ability to store a detailed report of your hardware, in various formats, on the local computer.

HWiNFO also monitors maximum and minimum values ​​as long as it is running in the background. Convenient for assessing temperature or stress levels over time, for example to see if crashes or frosts are caused by critical temperatures.

The program has alerts that can be set to tell you if prices reach critical levels. The program supports a wide variety of notification options, from audio playback to the operation of a selected program.

HWiNFO comes with a benchmarking tool for benchmarking CPU, memory and disk. The developers have included an automatic check for updates in the application so that it is always up to date.

The HWiNFO v8.00 is a free, important monitoring program for your computer, whose features and functions go beyond the corresponding Windows Device Manager.

Could you download from here.

Download page: HWiNFO 8.00 ~8.0 MB (Free for Non-Commercial use)

View: HWiNFO Website

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