Immerse: Free image search engine

Immerse is a free website for reverse image search. It finds images related to yours and also provides you with corresponding sketches and opinions.


The Immersed will accept from you an image of your own and will give you corresponding images, sketches and opinions. And of course it allows you to download the results.

The reverse image search is also available on google, but in Immerse you will see all the license information of each image, as well as its owner.

Searching is a very easy process. You can upload your own image and find corresponding images, sketches and opinions.

You can also search from a description or from a sketch that you will paint on the spot or even from one of the ready-made opinions that it has. Or "browse" the site from the ready-made photos it offers. In our tests we saw that he listens to Greek, as when we asked him for relevant photos with the phrase "white and fat lamb" we received corresponding images.

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The reverse search by design is also interesting. If you are good at cartooning you can draw something and search. The results you will receive are all in JPG format.

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