Inalan is acquired by the Canadian fund Fiera

Η provision of fixed internet services which operates in Athens and Thessaloniki is acquired by the Canadian fund Fiera.


Canadian asset-managed investment fund Fiera Infrastructure worth 130 billion euros enters as a strategic investor in the fixed internet service provider Inalan.

Inalan, although unknown to most of you, covers some areas of Athens and Thessaloniki and in fact with symmetrical connection on the Internet. After securing funding from Fiera, it sets the bar to cover 1,6 million households over the next few years.

The Fiera fund, as it announced yesterday, will finance the expansion of the fiber optic network of the company founded in 2014 by the Ukrainian Konstantin Dolshenko. According to Fiera Infrastructure, Inalan's open access network "will allow its use by other providers".

Inalan currently has symmetrical fiber optic connections at very good prices, which offer download speeds and from 100 Mbps to 1GB. The difference is that there is a volume limit (3,5TB Download/ 3,5TB Upload monthly) and there is no 100/100 Mbps contract. Leave whenever you want.

In recent weeks, Luis Alvarez Satorre, who also holds the position of Chairman of the Board, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Inalan. to the Spanish telecommunications company Islalink.

The latter, which is under the control of Fiera Infrastructure, is building a 322 km submarine fiber optic network (Ionian) in the Ionian. The project is due to be completed next October and will connect Preveza with Crotone in Calabria in Italy, and by extension Milan and Rome with Athens and Thessaloniki.

According to the president of Fiera Infrastructure Alina Osorio, in Greece the demand for next generation broadband services will be higher than ever. Which is not unfair, as the demand for broadband services is growing exponentially, as the fiber optic investments of large providers are expanding.

OTE in 2021 provided access to fiber optic infrastructure to the home (Fiber to the Home / FTTH) to more than 560.000 homes and businesses, a number that is expected to reach 1 million by the end of 2022 and three million by 2027 .

Η in turn, it implements investments amounting to 600 million euros, which aim to increase the coverage of the fifth generation network (5G Giga Network), the further development of the optical fiber network and the interconnection of island destinations.

Η Group that has acquired Wind and Nova, which are to be merged, is launching a €1,3 billion investment program in Greece over the next five years. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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