Insecam: Watch vulnerable cameras in Greece

Η ιστοσελίδα Insecam χακάρει για εσάς ευάλωτες from all over the world, and from Greece, and presents them to you so you don't have to sit and suffer.

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It is not enough that not only us, but the whole technical world shouts not to use the original codes on your devices, because they are easy to break, there is a website that does it for you and in a very explanatory way. The reason? For the Insecam website.

There is nothing more simplistic in thought (so to speak) than connecting to the dia μία βιντεο leaving and using her default password. Whatever brand it is. We have emphasized that with the Shodan online service you can with a small one knowledge and enough patience to discover a huge list of such vulnerable cameras.

And even when they are placed in sensitive places, such as bedrooms, living rooms of houses or public shops, cash registers, , hotels, etc. And while such a camera was installed for the security of a home or a business, apart from gossipers, thieves also have the right to watch you and know your movements.

So for a few clicks, the website has searched for you and presents you with vulnerable cameras online. And in fact, separated, by camera brand, by type of house or by country.

For Greece when we checked it, we saw that in addition to the online broadcast of the cameras, it also gives you the , αλλά και την IP / θύρα με live link. Έτσι, για να μην κουράζεστε να ψάχνετε. Σε ορισμένες περιπτώσεις μάλιστα τα πράγματα ήταν τόσο προφανή, που φτάσαμε μέχρι και στο Facebook του θύματος (πόσα άλλωστε καταστήματα δερof which species exist in the village of Liti in Northern Greece?).

Because all of this legally stands on the razor's edge and impressed us, the website on its home page explains that it "considers" the existence of default codes as the owner wants the camera to be public (no, they are wrong in some way ). We read about:

- Only filtered cameras are now available. That way none of the Insecam cameras invade anyone's privacy.
- Any private or immoral camera will be removed immediately after complaint via email. Provide a direct link to facilitate immediate removal of the camera.
- If you do not want to contact us by e-mail, you can remove your camera from Insecam. All you need to do is to set your camera password.

In short, they say that since you do not enter your own personal code and leave the original that is known and public, then the camera is public !!!!

We are for crying. And do not think that all this does not affect you. When you go shopping in a store do you know how many fool you? The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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web, camera, shodan, insecam, security

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