Surreal Account at Instagram with Collage You Can Eat

Many imaginative Internet users spend time collecting and documenting the wonders of the modern world, such as the r / mildlyinteresting subreddit on Reddit or “Things Fitting Perfectly into Other Things”On Tumblr. Instagram

That's how the Instagrammer started Matija Erceg from Vancouver Canada. Erceg finds everyday things that remind food and combines them with their edible equivalents in order to create the order @SeriousDesign.

These visual amalgams are vivid representations of various twisted experiences, but with curiosity and alternation, or what Erceg himself calls, "they are pleasantly disgusting."

A controller for a NES console that reminds of ice cream that sticks to your hands, a fat onion ring that resembles diamond rings and in-ear headphones that instead of lice have shrimp, are all objects that cause us to think about how we use everyday items.

"Imagine the feeling that you can have it in your ears as you would with the regular headphones," he told his blog Instagram Erceg, describing the shrimp headphones. "I think seeing the shrimp at the end of the cables helps you capture that feeling."


Our personal nightmare here at VICE, with regard to the project of Erceg, is the sunglasses that instead of glass lenses have raw meat.

The way images are processed in Photoshop may not make the projects absolutely realistic as you would meet in their work Thomas Dagg or his Logan Zillmer, but they manage to give the viewer the basic creepy idea behind the artist's imagination.

This user is currently studying food sculpting in the hope of bringing @SeriousDesign out of the imaginary world and into the natural.

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