Internet without restrictions, no VPN and proxy

I do not succeed with VPN services! If you come across a web page that has been blocked for some reason and you can not access it, do not panic.

Below we will see a way to bypass blocked websites that does not require special knowledge, special settings, VPN services or a proxy server.



Why are there blocked websites on the Internet?

The reasons can be many.

One reason is that some governments do not want freedom of speech, and they censor every content. Another reason is the content distribution companies and the deals they have made. Netflix, for example, does not display the same content in every country.

Of course, there are other prohibitions, such as those applied by the Greek network Coupling.
Employers often block some websites on their internal networks.

What can I do?

Just use the service Google Translate.

Type or copy and paste the address you want to visit and you do not have access to the left box of the service, and click the URL that will appear in the right box.

See the pictures below:




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