A fraud case was detected over the Internet at the expense of IKA

An electronic case was solved by the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate ς, μέσω Internet, σε βάρος του Ιδρύματος Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης. A case file was formed against a 59-year-old accountant for continuous fraud.ika Internet

59 has filed false analytical periodic statements regarding a company whose operations have been terminated by 2011

The falsely declared officials thus secured marks, insurance and other benefits (gifts, allowances, etc.)

The total damage to the IKA. is estimated to exceed 385.000 Euros

From the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office, an online fraud case was filed against the Social Insurance Institution (IKA) and a regular case file was filed against 59 Chronic Accountant for Continued Fraud.

In more detail, the investigation of the case began after a complaint submitted to the Directorate of Electronic Crime Prosecution by representatives of a branch of the Social Security Institution, according to which unknown persons continuously submitted for the years 2012 to 2014, via the Internet, detailed periodic statements of a company, the whose operation has ceased since 2011.

According to the complaint, the total damage caused to I.K.A. estimated at 385.000 euros, as through these disputed statements, the employees received the relevant insurance stamps and secured insurance and other benefits, such as gifts and allowances, even though their work and their days of employment did not correspond to employment.

After the complaints were brought to the attention of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor's Office, the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division was ordered to carry out the necessary investigative actions to clarify the case.

Στο πλαίσιο της προκαταρκτικής εξέτασης, διενεργήθηκε ενδελεχής ψηφιακή έρευνα των στοιχείων της υπόθεσης, ανάλυση των ηλεκτρονικών ιχνών αλληλογραφία με τη πάροχο υπηρεσιών Internet, από όπου και κατέστη δυνατός ο of the perpetrator.

In an investigation carried out yesterday (01-02-2016) at the home of the 59-year-old, a number of digital copies of detailed periodic statements were found on the laptop as well as a diary with relevant notes on his illegal activity and lists of names of cooperating companies and persons.

It is noted that 59, who was absent during the regular investigation, has been accused in the past and has been convicted of similar and other illegal acts.

The laptop has been seized and sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for further laboratory tests, while the investigation continues to investigate the possible involvement of the perpetrator in other relevant acts and to determine the exact economic damage to the IKA.

The case file of the ordinary procedure will be submitted to the competent Attorney General of Athens.

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