iOS after Steve Jobs era: no security

Zerodium, a company that pays up to $ 2 million for exploits on Apple's iOS, says it is lowering its price because the number of exploits targeting the platform has risen sharply recently.

In other words, the company is no longer willing to spend so much money on hacks on iOS because the system is no longer what it used to be and there are many security vulnerabilities.

iOS after Steve Jobs era: no security

"IOS security is fucked", said Chaouki Bekrar, CEO and founder of Zerodium.

Zerodium says one possible reason for the growing number of exploits targeting iOS could be the growing number of researchers looking for security bugs in Apple's operating system, as well as jailbreaks make it possible to carefully inspect the code with reverse engineering.

As a result, the company states that it is no longer interested in specific types of iOS exploit.

"We do NOT want new Apple iOS LPE, Safari RCE, or sandbox escapes for the next 2 to 3 months due to the large number of submissions associated with these security vulnerabilities. "Prices for iOS one-click chains (eg via Safari) are likely to fall in the near future," Zerodium announced on Twitter.

"Only PAC and non-persistence still hold… but we see a lot of exploits bypassing the PAC and there are some persistence exploits (0days) that work with all iPhone / iPad. "Let's hope iOS 14 gets better."

Apple is expected to introduce the new iOS 14 in the fall, most likely along with the new iPhone models. However, a preview of this operating system update is expected to be announced and released at the WWDC conference, with an early beta.

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