iPhone 7 survived 13 hours in a Russian river

The iPhone 7 plus may be more waterproof than Apple is advertising. A new story from Russia wants the company's latest smartphone to survive for much longer in the water than the IP67 specification requires.


We do not know if this is all an Apple's indirect advertising for her cell phone iPhone 7 more, to support the phone's IP67 specification. We remind you that the this specification refers to dust and water tightness (6 grade for dust and 7 grade for water) and confirms that a machine can withstand water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

In a video however posted three days ago in Instagram, a Russian claims his dropped the iPhone 7 Plus into a hole he had made on the icy river to fish. Because it was late, the phone stayed there one night, immersed in the water at 4 ° C (39 ° F) until a friend of his with a neoprene underwater suit sucked and found it at the bottom of the river. There is no mention of how deep the river is at this point, but we can assume that the video is at least two meters.

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According with ykt.ru the phone surprised everyone, came out of the water lit and in full operation with 19% battery indicator. The owner tells us that when it lost it had about 35% battery.

We do not recommend that you become testers of your resistance, following the example of the Russian owner. But if you accidentally drop your cell phone into the water, we would like a report on the situation you found afterwards.

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