Russia will launch its own Wikipedia for "reliable" information

In the wake of the growing Internet control of the Kremlin, it is news that Vladimir Putin's Russia intends to create its own version Wikipedia, aiming to present the country "objectively and accurately".

In an announcement of the Presidential BookIt is reported that the initiative aims to provide better information about Russia than Wikipedia offers. Analyzes have shown that the online encyclopedia “lacks sufficiently detailed and reliable on the regions and life in Russia" is highlighted in the announcement. And it is added that 50.000 books and documents have been collected on the of Russia "objectively and accurately".

However, the new website will have a long way to go Wikipedia is the sixth most popular website in the world and the Russian has over a million listings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pushing for tougher Internet control, with accusations of and an attempt to silence his critics.

Last August, bloggers with more than 3.000 readers daily were required to declare their identity in a special register, while new rules now allow the government to block sites without legal permission.

Source: Newsroom DOL The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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